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New Flasher Series for the 2015 Season

New Flasher Series for the 2015 Season

bs 10665.1 bs blue – Footloose 40-948/170
bs 10667.5 bs green – Footloose 20-948/170
bs 10668.5 bs black – Footloose 95-948/170
bs 10669.2 bs purple – Footloose 70-948/170

bs 10740.8 bs jelly fish – Frenchie 99-110 cht stripe/170 cc

New Finish for the 2015 Season

New Finish for the 2015 Season

Snotty Nose
Available on the both the Anchovy Classic and the Juan De Fuca baitheads,
in the glow, jelly fish and jelly fish silver flake.

Glow – snotty nose
ACL 67322.4 Rigged, ACL 66322.5 Unrigged, ACL 66322B Bulk
JDF 63322.8 Rigged, JDF 62322.9 Unrigged, JDF 62322B Bulk

Jelly fish – snotty nose
ACL 67046.9 Rigged, ACL 66046.0 Unrigged, ACL 66046B Bulk
JDF 63046.3 Rigged, JDF 62046.4 Unrigged, JDF 62046B Bulk

Jelly fish silver flake – snotty nose
ACL 67114.5 Rigged, ACL 66114.6 Unrigged, ACL 66114B Bulk
JDF 63114.9 Rigged, JDF 62114.0 Unrigged, ACL 62114B Bulk

2014 Big Shooter Flasher (11”)

2014 Big Shooter Flasher (11”)

Fire N Ice

It’s Hot! It’s Cold!
Ever wanted to fish with a flasher that “has it all”?

We have combined the properties of icy look Jelly Fish blue violet, warm glow from earth salts, the cool reflection from iridescent blue pearl and the mystic and spectacular colors emitted from Kinetic tape in just the right proportions to produce a flasher not made before.

We have named this series Fire N Ice and are presently offering two exciting colors:

Big shooter fire n ice – Kinetic Mystic Green
Big shooter fire n ice – Kinetic Midnight Mist

The Kinetic Mystic Green (fluorescent green stripe) is a good early morning flasher while the Kinetic Midnight Mist coloration (black, green and blue) works extremely well when ocean water is a “blue” color.

At O’Ki Tackle we understand what we make.

New For 2010

New For 2010

Big Shooter Flashers:

  • 10910.5 green jelly fish – Maverick green stripe
  • 10931.0 green jelly fish – Maverick yellow stripe
  • 10926.6 green jelly fish – Maverick yellow green mist
  • 10928.0 green jelly fish – Kinetic yellow green mist
  • 10729.3 jelly fish – Purple Onion
  • 10730.9 jelly fish – Purple Onion Glow
  • 10727.9 jelly fish – Kinetic purple haze
  • 10732.3 jelly fish – Kinetic Glow

What’s New for the 2008 Season

What’s New for the 2008 Season

Enclosed are samples of our newest flasher the “MICRO” (five inches in length). The Micro is available in fifty two different finishes. If you would like to see more or have a particular finish in mind please let us know and we will send you samples.

In the Big Shooter line we have the following new flashers: BS Jelly fish – Lila, BS Magna glow – Watermelon, BS Jelly fish – Watermelon, BS Metallic gold – Betsy Gold Plaid 45, BS Metallic gold – Super Betsy (Gold Plaid 45/Glow), BS Magna glow – High Roller, BS Jelly fish – Gold Fever, BS Jelly fish – Silver Fever.

The Juan De Fuca Baitfish Heads (last years’ new product) are available in a rigged one pak, unrigged three pak or the 25 piece bulk pak. Currently, we have more than 98 different finishes (copy of description list enclosed). The new JDF heads for 2008 are: JDF Chrome 727, JDF Glow 727, JDF Glow nose bleed, JDF Glow watermelon, JDF Chrome purple rabbit, JDF Chrome red monkey puke, JDF Chrome watermelon.

If you have any questions with respect to any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us.

Spring 2008: O'Ki Green Jelly Flashers & Baithead

Spring 2008: O'Ki Green Jelly Flashers & Baithead

O’Ki Tackle Mfg. Ltd. owner Brian Smith talks about his new development.

Several years ago I introduced a very unique concept that changed fishing worldwide.

My development of the Ultra-Violet (UV) BLUE VIOLET JELLY FISH effect in hard flashers and lures changed how fishing is done.

I am introducing another new concept in my line of UV reflective flashers and lures called GREEN JELLY FISH.

Research has shown that the eyes of Pacific Salmon contain a number of nerve cells that are sensitive to BLUE and GREEN. Research has also shown that ultra-violet light is able to penetrate to depths of 700 feet.

I have formulated a special dye that allows my lures to produce a brilliant YELLOW GREEN when exposed to U.V. light.

As with the BLUE VIOLET JELLY FISH these lures work best a daybreak and during other low light conditions. The new flashers and lures are aptly named “FIRST BITE”.

At O’Ki Tackle Mfg. Ltd. our innovation continues to be your success!

Spring 2008 - Silver Flake - Juan De Fuca Bait Head

Spring 2008 - Silver Flake - Juan De Fuca Bait Head

This spring O’Ki Tackle’s Juan De Fuca Baithead will shine with a new sparkle.

Owner Brian Smith has come up with a new highly reflective silver flaked that has been added to his Juan De Fuca baithead during the injection molding process.

“As we do our own “in house” manufacturing of our products, we are able to conduct the required test runs in order to develop such new innovations,” Brian said.

“This is no ordinary metal flake,” he went on to say “It is highly technical in its manufacture and allows my product to glitter with an unsurpassed BRILLIANCE and MAXIMUM REFLECTIVITY.”

This new SILVER FLAKE is available in O’Ki’s U.V. Jelly Fish line of bait heads both in clear and painted colors.

Three New Flashers for 2007

Three New Flashers for 2007

Blue Fever – Excellent early season Spring Salmon flasher for the West Coast of Vancouver Island.
Was used with great success by Jay at Clayoquot Ventures (Tofino) and Shawn at Method Marine (Ucluelet). We produced a matching chrome head for this flasher – a very sexy combo – if your not “co-ordinated” then your not “in”.

Two New Additions to the Jelly Fish Series: Yellow Green Mist & Blue Green Mist

As we were the originators of the Blue –Violet Jelly Fish flasher and bait head lines we know more about this effect than anyone does. For the 2007 season we are offering two new Jelly Fish flashers. Both the yellow green and blue green mist colorations have been a long time fishing must.

The colors are painted on the blades rather than on to the reflective prism tape – this gives an extremely deep and rich look to the flashers. Combined with the Jelly fish Blue-Violet and the plaid 45 reflective finish it is a true winning effect.

October 2007

October 2007

Yes, we invented the gold “betsy” it is a metallic gold blade with yellow green prism tape on the front. Please note the “Betsy” is one of our top selling flashers due to the fact that it produces an electric current when immersed in salt water.

In effect it is a “galvanic cell” with unlike metals immersed in an acidic or otherwise similar solution – nickel/silver rings, nickel plated brass swivels, stainless steel ball bearings, brass eyelets and a vacuum metallized aluminum coating on the flasher body (gold tinted). The current produced will de-metallizing the gold (aluminum) flasher coating very quickly – if it doesn’t do this – it will not fish as well.

Most users feel that the flasher is defective if it shows “spots” where the coating is missing. The fishermen who know its effectiveness will NOT give up their Betsy flashers. This has all been confirmed by Malcolm Russell, of Russell Electronics, inventor of the “Black Box” (manufactured by Scotty).

For the 2008 season, we developed the following “new” betsy flashers:
Metallic gold – Betsy Plaid
Metallic gold – Super Betsy
Metallic silver – Betsy
Metallic silver – Betsy Plaid
Metallic silver – Super Betsy

Oct 2006 - New Product

Oct 2006 - New Product

New Kid on the Dock

Sidney based O’Ki Tackle Mfg. Ltd. – long time manufacturer of the O’Ki, Big Shooter, Lil Shooter, Kingfisher II flashers and Titan Spoons has just launched its new baithead JDF (Juan de Fuca).

For the past four years, the company has provided the painting and colour designs for another local bait head manufacturer but according to O’Ki Tackle’s owner Brian Smith, “After providing the other company with the concept of painting heads, developing the colours and designs based on those used on my flashers, coming up with the idea of having chrome and gold metalized heads, and inventing “the use of the jelly fish and purple haze colorant (UV purple violet – first used in my flashers). I decided that I should simply manufacturer my own head.”

The JDF has many new features that make it a far better design. Some of these include; stronger line entrance and exit holes, larger bait cavity, more curve for better action, stronger pins offered in colours, hologram scale – just to mention a few.

Heads are offered in colours of clear, jelly fish, glow, red, green, chartreuse, blue, purple, black, pearl, chrome, gold, glow green, glow chartreuse, glow blue. 

Another unique feature is the use of two new pin colours – glow and fluorescent red. These are stunning with certain colour combinations.

Painted colour patterns are endless “Why would you expect anything else? This is what we are world famous for!” said Brian. The company is boasting eighty new colours for this year alone – and dig this – a “Betsy (yellow green mist) gold metallic head to emulate its famous Betsy flasher. 

Gear up with this combo – you’ve got to try it!

“Our Innovation is Your Success”

What’s New 2004 - 
UV JellyFish Flasher

What’s New 2004 - 
UV JellyFish Flasher

For years local fishermen have been amazed at the effectiveness of the Jelly Fish and Purple Haze hootchies supplied by Angelo’s Sportfishing Tackle of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Someone else who was intrigued by ultra-violet light causing these lures to take on a brilliant Blue / Violet hue was Brian Smith owner of Sidney based O’Ki Tackle Mfg. Ltd.

“I felt that the Blue / Violet light emitted was the secret to the fish catching ability of these lures,” Smith stated, “I set out 2 years ago to formulate the chemicals and produce both flashers and other lures that would duplicate this effect.”

Test results this spring, especially feedback from the annual Juan De Fuca Salmon Championship derby held on June 19th and 20th, 2004 confirmed Smith’s feelings that flashers and lures would catch more fish if they produced this Blue / Violet light.

It appears that the flashers worked best during first and last light or during diffused (cloudy or foggy) light conditions.

The company is currently injection molding its first production run of Big Shooter flashers which are apply named “ Jelly Fish”. As part of the phenomenon of why and how this material works is allowing the maximum amount of light into the body of the flasher. Initial models have a single piece of Plaid 45 reflector affixed to the backside of the unit. Other variations will follow.

Brian has also indicated that he is supplying the special formula to Rhys Davis Limited for production of their new Purple Haze anchovie special heads.

Look for these new products in your local tackle stores. Both are really worth a look.

What's New For 2002

What's New For 2002

O’Ki Tackle Mfg. Ltd. continues to be a World leader in the development of flashers, flasher finishes and terminal lures.

New Flashers include:

Candy Man
Montana Silver
Hot Lips
Metallic * Silver & Gold (not recommended for salt water)
Cop Car Series – Magna Glow or White Body
Colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue & Yellow

Crazy 8 Hootchy actionizer head – Head and hootchy colors done to date:

If you do not see a particular item listed by your distributor simply contact your representative and he/she will “Special Order” this for you.

Thank you for supporting our products and we wish you continued success in the coming year.