About Us

OKi Tackle LogoSince the inception of O’Ki Tackle, company founder Brian Smith has been setting the standard for excellence in the fishing tackle industry. Located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, we manufacture all of our quality products in-house. With our own plastic injection molding machines, paint shop, welding room and taping capacity, we are unique in today’s industry because we take responsibility for every aspect of the products we sell to our customers.

Under the leadership of Brian Smith, O’Ki Tackle has truly revolutionized fishing
tackle. Every innovation has been carefully crafted to improve the chances of
your success! We were the first to paint flasher tapes and bait heads. We were
the first to produce and paint chrome and gold bait heads. We were the first to
formulate glow-in-the-dark flashers and bait heads. Most importantly, we were the
first to use UV pigments in the development of our Blue Violet Jelly Fish products and our Green Jelly Fish products. We make the tackle that fish can see!

Brian SmithBrian Smith

Beginning his career as a young guy of 15, Brian Smith worked first for Tomic Lures where he was instrumental in the development of many of the products and production equipment that Tomic still uses today.

After graduating from UBC with a Bachelor of Education degree, including a minor in physics and chemistry, Brian worked as a high school teacher for many years before returning full-time to his first and greatest passion: fishing tackle.